Over the course of the last year, I’ve found myself engaged at various levels with a personal learning network (PLN) mostly via Twitter. It’s been wonderful! I’ve heard different perspectives, had people visit my classroom to present to the class, connected with people both close and far. But one of the most overwhelming differences that the PLN has introduced me to is the wealth of online reading of blogs and articles from around the globe. Articles that, unless I dedicated my life to it, would never be able to find otherwise.

So this got me thinking about the educational benefit this has for my career and how I can attempt to possibly explain this to anyone who’s not on Twitter, who’s not experiencing the same wealth of knowledge and generosity from like minded professionals. I wanted something I could refer to for personal use, something I could show current colleagues and employers and for future employers. I searched the web for some online reading logs, to no avail. There are tools such as Shelfari but this is really just for books. Nothing that I could find seemed to fit as a quick and efficient tool to log online reading. Except one that was under my nose, one I’m already using.

The solution – Delicious! The tool, not the taste 🙂

I’ve set up yet another delicious account where I can bookmark any readings that I’m doing. I wanted this one separate from my personal account and from my class account. One just for logging my online reading. So here it is.


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