When there’s a way, there’s a will…

The saying goes ‘When there’s a will, there’s a way’. That is, if you have a desire or want then you will find a way to achieve it. Over the last week I have begun to see evidence of the reverse of this – when there’s a WAY, there’s a WILL.

Over the course of our first week back from summer break, I have had great pleasure in watching and feeling the buzz happening around our campus (and from other campuses too) about the introduction of Google Apps for Education. I am particularly excited by this because I presented this group of applications to admin as the WAY to my WILL. I was increasingly frustrated by the limitations of our network and IT user policy. So as an attempt to introduce a school wide acceptable tool for publishing, collaboration, online writing, etc I presented Google Apps.

This is the first year that Google Apps has been introduced to the entire school, and people are jumping on it. They are making sites to share planning documents, calendars for long range plans, shared documents to build up learning experiences for math outcomes, and the students haven’t even started yet. I am looking forward to seeing in what innovative ways teachers will start to use these new tools with their students.

Are people making mistake? Yes! Are they using the wrong terms? Yes! Are they doing things the most efficient way? No! Were they asking for something like this before? No! But the fact is that people are now using this technology in ways that were never even envisioned. Nobody (or very few at least) had the WILL, but now there is a WAY, they do!

The lesson I’ve learned from this? If you feel something can benefit all of those around you, even if there is no demand, no WILL, present the WAY anyway. You never know how well ideas can be taken.


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