Wordle for writing assessment

I had my class use Wordle this week as a great way to visualise the important things that they took away from our recent school camp. The students have recently written a recount from their week away, and once these were typed up, we copy and pasted them into Wordle to create a very cool visual. My main purpose for having the kids do this is to allow them to see which words, memories, events, etc stood out to them.

Here are some samples…


One interesting use of Wordle came about by chance when doing this activity. I could use Wordle as a writing assessment for word choice. For example, it is clear in this next Wordle that the student really (definitely, urgently, absolutely, certainly) needs to come up with more descriptive words than ‘really’ and ‘went’.

It was a great realisation for this particular student – she could actually see that ‘really’ was way overused in the recount. Both the student and I were able to assess the word choice of this writing piece without even needing to read what was written – so efficient.

This is certainly a tool I will be reusing for this purpose in the future.


2 thoughts on “Wordle for writing assessment

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