Using forms in Numbers for iPad

As our school prepares to move to a brand new campus, I have had the ever-so-fun job of re-allocating our computers. This has not been an easy job as we have to dispose of old computers, move currently used and in good order computers and receive new computers and make sure that every one has a label with the correct room number on it.

One tool that has helped to make this job is the use of forms in Numbers on iPad. I suspect this is a little known feature of Numbers. I only discovered it when I browsed through the Getting Started document that is built-in with the Numbers app.

Basically, the way it works is that you create the spreadsheet that you’d like to collect data in. Your column headings become the form entry fields. When your table is complete you simply touch the plus tab at the top of the page and it gives you the option of a New Sheet or New Form. After selecting New Form, you are prompted to choose the reference table for the form and it does the rest. Now you have a very handy way to enter the data you’re collecting. A nice bonus is that when you change the cell format (ie. Words, numbers, date, check box, star rating, etc) it automatically changes the keyboard format to match.

What a time saver this has been for me. This is just one way to use forms. How can you see yourself using forms to collect information? Conferences with kids, assessment, meeting notes??? Please share your thoughts.