Why Student Led Conferences ROCK!!!

Reflection and Re-Learning

  • The reflection involved in preparing for student led conferences is invaluable. In no other context have I seen such genuine reflection take place; students are forced to think back over the year’s learning in order to choose learning experiences to discuss. In many cases this leads to some genuine re-learning of the skills or knowledge in order for the students to feel comfortable enough to share the experience with their parents. Certainly better than a week of revision!

Student Collaboration and Peer Teaching

  • I’m sitting here and watching one ESOL student explain to another ESOL student what to talk about. I’ve seen kids undertaking their re-learning experiences together; teaching each other as they go.

Genuine Audience

  • The preparation that the students put into student led conferences, knowing that the audience is their parents, is  nothing short of amazing. This experience is ‘real’! There is a genuine purpose to what they are doing and as a result the work rate and motivation is dramatically increased.

Absolute Pride

  • In no other context – well, except for the PYP exhibition – have I seen kids so proud about what they do at school. The kids are so happy to share their accomplishments from throughout the year.

What do you love about student led conferences? What successes have you had? What has made you proud? I encourage you to post a response with any other thoughts on student led conferences.